Today I decided to start a special 5 part article series I am going to call Top Bass Fishing Tips. I plan on releasing a addition to the bass fishing tips series each day for a total of 5 killer bass fishing secrets to help you boat more bass. In this article I want to take a look at top water fishing for bass.

Top water fishing for bass both largemouth and for smallies has got to be the most exhilarating experience as the fish inhales the bait dramatically right before your eyes. Unlike other bass fishing techniques, top water bass fishing for bass is the most special. It is all about sight and sound. Take you eyes off of what you are doing even for a moment and you could miss landing that lunker. Top water fishing for bass requires that you master 2 techniques, the twelve o-clock rod handling technique and the six o’clock rod handling technique.

The twelve o-clock rod handling technique is a fancy term I like to use describing the position of the rod after casting. Just like the name suggests you hold the rod out in front of you with the rod tip pointing towards the sky, hence it’s twelve o-clock. Where and when you would use this rod technique depends on the situation and that is the key to not only this but other bass fishing tips. The ‘twelve o-lock’ method works best in thick weed cover. Such top water fishing bass lures that go hand in hand with this rod technique are lures that imitate bait like frogs and rats. Another great lure choice are those cigar shaped bullets like the water demon. Because of the heavy weed cover use a solid medium heavy action rod with line that can handle the heavy weeds. Pumping and twitching the lure or bait on the retrieve will help keep you snag free.

The six o-clock rod handling technique is when you hold the rod out in front of you but this time the tip of the rod is just above the waterline, hence the term six o-clock. This is the rod technique of choice for open water. Fishing bass lures of choice here are popping those water chuggers and walking the dog with those cigar shaped bullets are as easy as eating apple pie using the six o-clock technique. Adding twitches and small pumps can add an erratic action to your retrieves and it helps to vary it up to keep the bass on the bite. A medium action rod and reel seem to work best with this rod technique.

A Great way to practice both techniques is in your backyard. Grab some fishing bass lures that you plan to use on your next bass fishing trip, take the trebles off and practice casting and retrieving getting used to using both rod handling techniques. Master these 2 methods and you have a top water fishing for bass secret that will keep you live well full.

Stay tuned for continued articles in this series of bass fishing tips. Tomorrow I hope to release the next article.

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